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Your business is your livelihood and managing your business is your priority. You invest significant time, energy, and assets making your business successful. Legal issues interfere with your achievement of the goals you have set and take your attention away from effective management.

Legal issues such as business formation, contracts, and disputes can be complex and confusing. Let Newnam Land handle the legal issues that affect your business, so you can focus on making your business thrive.

In addition to years of representing businesses, and their boards, the lawyers of Newnam Land have additional business experience. Robert Land holds a Master of Business Administration and real estate license, and Dixie Newnam studied business administration, with a focus in accounting, as part of her undergraduate degree.

Additionally, they have successfully managed their own business for over a decade. This experience allows them to clearly understand your issues and develop effective and practical solutions.

Our Services

Newnam Land’s attorneys have many years of experience in business law and enjoy working with business owners to address their legal needs. Some of the areas that we can help you with include:

Business Formation
Business Formation: Whether you are a sole proprietor, partnering with others, or working with investors to open or continue an existing business, proper formation is key to your success. Beyond choosing a name, formation includes choosing a structure, organizing an entity (LLC, Inc., LLP, etc.), and approving governing documents, among other things.
Ownership Agreements
Ownership Agreements: Sometimes called operating agreements, membership agreements, or partnership agreements, these documents define the relationship between the owners of LLCs and partnerships and are especially important in a dispute between owners.
By-laws: By-laws provide the structure by which corporations are managed.
Corporate Formalities
Corporate Formalities: Every business entity must follow certain formalities in order to ensure liability protection. Some examples include following ownership agreements and by-laws, maintaining corporate documents, keeping separate books and accounts for the entity, and avoiding ultra vires acts (i.e. acts outside of the scope of business).
Board Representation
Board Representation: Businesses and non-profits are often governed by a board. The board sets policy and directs executives. Board members owe a duty to the companies that they represent.
Non-profits: A corporation or an association that conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive.
Trademarks and Tradenames
Trademarks and Tradenames: Your business’s image is of the utmost importance. Special legal considerations go into choosing, using, and protecting names and marks associated with your business.
Contracts: Businesses enter into all types of contracts, from the day-to-day (such as phone, internet, security, and trash removal agreements) to more consequential (such as leases, vendor, usage, and client agreements).
Financing: Borrowing money for your business and loaning money have special considerations and require specific documents depending on how the financing is structured. Financing documents include loan agreements, notes, security agreements, deeds of trust, and UCC filings.
Real Estate
Real Estate: Owning versus leasing your business space is just one real estate issue you face. Others include covenant restrictions, development codes, and local permitting, among other things.
Employment Issues
Employment Issues: Being an employer involves a myriad of legal issues, from payroll, to insurance, to contracts, to management practices. There are numerous federal and state statutes that set out your rights and obligations as an employer.
Business Disputes
Business Disputes: Business disputes come in all types and forms, including disagreements between owners, injured or problem employees, discrimination, breaches of contract, tradename and trademark infringement, unhappy customers, disparagement, etc.
Succession Planning
Succession Planning: Succession planning refers to your plan to exit your business. Succession planning includes transitioning the business to a new owner over time, selling the business out-right, or simply winding-up.

How We Can Help

It can be tempting, especially when you are starting out or funds are tight, to attempt to handle business issues on your own. Ultimately, this can cost you much more in the end and may jeopardize your business.

On-line forms are not tailored for your situation and contain words of art that may negatively impact you. Many times, several types of documents are needed to accomplish your goals, but without legal advice, you may not use all the necessary documents or all of the language you need to protect your interests.

Further, there are statutory considerations for many of the decisions faced by a business that are not common knowledge. Simply put, you do not know what you do not know.

We encourage to you contact our office to set up an appointment if you have a legal issue affecting your business so we can help you manage legal risks to your livelihood before they grow into larger problems.

Boards of businesses and non-profits face the additional issue of proper governance. Understanding and following the company’s governing documents, such as by-laws and resolutions, is of the utmost importance.

Often times the governing documents are outdated or not drafted to reflect the best practices for managing that particular entity. Further, many board members aren’t given access to this information or don’t read or understand the information.

The attorneys at Newnam Land have over a decade of experience representing boards and understand the special challenges faced by board members.

From assistance at meetings, to educational workshops, to advice on specific issues, Newnam Land can help your board meet the demands of leading an organization.

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